Smart Net Solutions

LAN and WAN Solution

We work with our customers to understand their specific needs and goals and then build up the network infrastructure as well as the total solutions. With the successful track record in designing local and wide-area networking solutions, we provide data networking building blocks like routing and switching, networking standards like Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ringand ATM as well as networking protocols like TCP/IP, and IPX.

Most likely, your network infrastructure starts with your Local Area Network. No matter what applications your business runs, your core LAN must be designed for high speed, extreme reliability, and ease of management. We offers a wide range of consulting, design, and implementation services as well as products with partnership from industry leaders, such as Huawei-3Com, to ensure that your core network will be sound, robust, and scalable.

Network Security Solution

A breach in network security can cost enterprises a great deal in losing assets in terms of data, knowledge, productivity and even customer loyalty. In dynamic cyber era, IT workers are facing tremendous threats like virus attacks, data interception, Trojan horse programs, vandals, denial of services attacks, intrusion attacks, and social issues, from which enterprises can prevent by adopting solid network security strategy along with an all-rounded implementation plan.

With extensive experience in deploying network infrastructure, NEC provides a wide range of network security tools, including anti-virus software, firewall, intrusion detection system, access control, network infrastructure, VPN, data encryption, security management, and enterprise networking. Together with consulting services on networking, enterprises can definitely benefit from the reduced operation costs.

Intrusion Detection System

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) consists of a dedicated PC and the IDS software. It is connected to the network where attacks are expected and simulates a complete machine, providing an interesting target to lure hackers away from the production machines. IDS offers common Internet services such as SMTP, FTP, POP3, HTTP and TELNET which appear perfectly normal to the attackers but in fact are traps for them to mess around and leave traces without even knowing that they are connected to a decoy system which does none of the things it appears to do but instead logs everything and notifies the appropriate people. Furthermore, IDS automatically investigates attackers while they are still trying to break in. IDS provide massive amounts of decoy content and it generates decoy programs that will leave hidden marks on attacker's computer.

Wireless Solution

Many enterprises and schools are turning to corporate wireless connectivity, which allows information to be readily available, irrespective of employee location, be it in-house or on the move. Wireless technology is all about empowerment, enabling corporations to be available 24/7 and workers being able to access networks anytime, anywhere.

We help you maximize the communications infrastructure and strategy and in doing so under a high security level, we deliver solutions that allow you to reduce costs and improve productivity

Service Coverage

Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Biometrics Security System (Fingerprint / Facial Recognition)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Access Contr

  • VoIP with IPSec

    Voice over IP (VoIP) is the ability to make telephone calls and send faxes over IP-based data networks with a suitable quality of service (QoS) and superior cost and benefit. It can be implemented on the base of leased line, such as IPLC and IPVPN, and even Internet.

  • Benefits of the Voice over IP market

    Low cost phone calls

    Add-on services and unified messaging

    Merging of data/voice infrastructure